We are specialists in repurposing and recycling used mobile phones

Trade in your old devices with us today. If they can’t be sold on we will recycle them sustainably.

About US

We are a technology company with a commitment to helping the planet. Our business model is simple – we purchase your old devices and attempt to give them a new lease of life. The devices that we can repair are sold as second-hand mobile phones, and those that can’t be fixed are recycled sustainably. Consequently, by selling your devices to us you are doing your bit for the environment.

This is due to the fact that we ensure that every phone we deal with lives on in one way or another.

Certified data deletion process

Our professional and rigorous procedure guarantees that all data and sensitive information is wiped from your device.

Great prices for your devices

Our use of cutting-edge technology at Alfa Com Trade means that we can offer great prices for the handsets we purchase.


Devices that are still functional are sold, and those that aren’t are recycled so that their materials can be reused.

Challenges for Customers and Partners


Disposing of old company devices without compromising your data can be difficult, but we can help you with this.


The mobile phone market is incredibly competitive, but you can stand out from the crowd with a trade-in service.


You can revitalize your business by offering a trade-in service. We can work with you to achieve this.


Retailers are under serious pressure to increase sales, and trade-in is an incredibly effective way of doing this.

Solutions from Alfa Com Trade

When upgrading employees’ devices, trade in their old handsets with us. We remove all data from these devices, so your sensitive information is safe with us.
Give your customers the option of trading in their old handsets when purchasing a new one. Doing this will boost sales of new devices.
Convenience is key in today’s market. So why not offer your customers an online trade-in service in order to boost sales of new mobile phones?
Encourage your customers to upgrade their handsets. Do this by offering them a discount on their new device in return for trading in their current device.
Our Smart Bundle service facilitates omni-channel campaigns. This means that we can stimulate business growth for you in an increasingly digitized world.
Take advantage of our services to keep the costs of unsold stock, demonstration devices, and customer returns to a minimum. We can help you!

The aim of our public recycling campaigns is to collect and recycle old devices from all across Europe. Reusing and recycling are central to our services.

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